Science and Religion: Has the Conflict Model Won the Popularity Vote?

– Tom Uytterhoeven – This morning my wife posted a picture on my Facebook wall. It shows two Post It notes on a wall in a community center in a Belgian town. The center had organized a cultural activity for kids: they were invited to write down who their hero was. So one kid posted: […]

One Cartoon, Two Myths Busted: on Evolution and the Brain

See on – Cultural evolution The evolution of workers. It’s right brainer time! Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: There are many cartoons on evolution out there, most of them building on the same theme: a row of men(!) depicting some kind of progress, ending in a caricature of today’s life. You might have seen the […]

Good News For Religion: Publishers Resist Pressure to Undermine Evolution Coverage in Texas Science Textbooks

See on – Cultural evolution Our mission is to support scientific education and critical thinking to overcome religious fundamentalism, superstition, intolerance and suffering (Publishers Resist Pressure to Undermine #Evolution Coverage in Texas #Science #Textbooks – by Texas… Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: Good news! – If religion is to play a role in the future of […]

An alternative imaginarium of Sicily

See on – Cultural evolution Imago Tour Sicily is a photographic project that seeks to use images to portray the unseen face of Sicily, which recoils from the stereotyped image on postcards and of tourism. We interviewed the project’s founder, Graziella Russo. Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: What I like about this project is that it […]

Chomsky and the evolution of language – (blog)

See on – Cultural evolution Chomsky and the evolution of language (blog) Noam Chomsky recently appeared on the Skeptically Speaking podcast to discuss the evolution of language. Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: Not only Noam Chomsky, but also Terrence Deacon, and Con Slobodchikoff are interviewed here on the biological roots of language. Definitely an interesting […]

“Different Worldviews”, or: What is my research about?

“What's your research about?”, friends ask me occasionally – only to get a confused look in their eyes after I start using words like “evolution”, “culture”, and “religion” in the same sentence. I could of course refer them to the online project description (yes, there's a goofy picture of me…). But as pictures say more […]

Did we really evolve to screw ourselves over?

See on – Cultural evolution One documentary maker uses evolutionary psychology to offer a critique of consumerism. (#One documentary maker uses evolutionary psychology to offer a critique of consumerism. Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: This is an interesting application of evolutionary psychology on current society, showing both its strong appeal and its possible flaws… See on […]