The End of the World or Fun While Doing Research

Sometimes doing research is fun. Not a productive kind of fun, but still fun. When reading “Religious Naturalism Today“, a book I had on my to-read shelf for a while, but for some reason had not studied yet, I stumbled upon a reference to John Herman Randall‘s book “The Role of Knowledge in Western Religion“. It […]

Dreaming of a White Christmas on Different Levels of Reality

– Tom Uytterhoeven – It's that time of the year again when people start dreaming of (or dreading?) snow. Is it Christmas romanticism? Or just the memory of playing in the snow as a child? Maybe that's why the Calvin-makes-a-snowman cartoons are so popular…     This video shows us different aspects of snow. That […]

“Different Worldviews”, or: What is my research about?

“What's your research about?”, friends ask me occasionally – only to get a confused look in their eyes after I start using words like “evolution”, “culture”, and “religion” in the same sentence. I could of course refer them to the online project description (yes, there's a goofy picture of me…). But as pictures say more […]