Making is Finding. A Poem on Theological Anthropology by Alan Nordstrom

One of the most important theological resources for my PhD-research is Philip Hefner‘s theological-anthropological work, mainly his concept of ‘created co-creator’. Perhaps one of the most captivating introductions to this concept has been written by Alan Nordstrom, in his poem ‘Making is Finding’. It has been published in Zygon, just over ten years ago, as […]

Ratzinger Again . . . “The Creation of the Human Being”

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Ratzinger on the humble truth of the creation of man from dust: We are told that God formed the man of dust from the ground. There is here something at once humbling and consoling. Something humbling because we are told: You are not God, you did not make yourself, you…

“What Is Man That You Are Mindful of Him?” by Jacob Thielman

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Jacob Thielman Jacob Thielman is Internet marketing assistant at Eerdmans.  * * * I want to share a book with you — a beautiful, devastating book that you might not notice otherwise: Receiving the Gift of Friendship: Profound Disability, Theological Anthropology, and Ethics by Hans Reinders. “Profound disability” is a term…

Short reflection on “The mystery of the human intelligence explosion – io9”

See on – Cultural evolution The mystery of the human intelligence explosion io9 Perhaps one of the biggest mysteries in our evolution is how humans developed symbolic culture, a very general catch-all term that includes things like art, language, personal adornment, weapons,… Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: This is fascinating. To imagine how our species slowly […]

Neanderthal Tools Reveal ‘Cultural’ Differences – RedOrbit

See on – Cultural evolution RedOrbit Neanderthal Tools Reveal ‘Cultural’ Differences RedOrbit The study was published in the Journal of Human Evolution and describes how Neanderthals in the western region of northern Europe fashioned symmetrical, triangular and heart-shaped… See on