Ken Ham Cherry Picking Scripture

When I first read Ken Ham’s take on the Nepal earthquake, I decided to ignore it. I thought nobody would take him serious anyway, at least not in my little, Dutch-speaking part of the world. But then some approving comments on Ham appeared on social media. That made me reconsider my initial choice. The reason is simple. […]

Ratzinger Again . . . “The Creation of the Human Being”

Originally posted on Human Action and God:
Ratzinger on the humble truth of the creation of man from dust: We are told that God formed the man of dust from the ground. There is here something at once humbling and consoling. Something humbling because we are told: You are not God, you did not make yourself, you…

“What Is Man That You Are Mindful of Him?” by Jacob Thielman

Originally posted on EerdWord:
Jacob Thielman Jacob Thielman is Internet marketing assistant at Eerdmans.  * * * I want to share a book with you — a beautiful, devastating book that you might not notice otherwise: Receiving the Gift of Friendship: Profound Disability, Theological Anthropology, and Ethics by Hans Reinders. “Profound disability” is a term…

Science and Religion: Has the Conflict Model Won the Popularity Vote?

– Tom Uytterhoeven – This morning my wife posted a picture on my Facebook wall. It shows two Post It notes on a wall in a community center in a Belgian town. The center had organized a cultural activity for kids: they were invited to write down who their hero was. So one kid posted: […]

Keeping God real takes work – Guelph Mercury

See on – Cultural evolution Keeping God real takes work Guelph Mercury Scholars like the anthropologist Pascal Boyer, author of Religion Explained: The Evolutionary Origin of Religious Thought, and the psychologist Justin L. Barrett, author of Why Would Anyone Believe in God? Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: Interesting suggestion at the end of the article: prayer […]