A Theologian on a Science Conference?

– Tom Uytterhoeven – Someone tweeted this announcement for a workshop on human evolution. Whenever I notice something similar, I usually scramble for my calendar. But even before I check the dates to see if I could go, and certainly before I check whether my budget allows me to go, doubts start raising their ugly […]

Science and Religion: Has the Conflict Model Won the Popularity Vote?

– Tom Uytterhoeven – This morning my wife posted a picture on my Facebook wall. It shows two Post It notes on a wall in a community center in a Belgian town. The center had organized a cultural activity for kids: they were invited to write down who their hero was. So one kid posted: […]

On the Theological Importance of the Science-Religion Debate

– Tom Uytterhoeven – It’s a strange thing to do theology: your business is to make as intelligible as possible what people, who share the same religion as you do, actually believe when they express their faith in spoken or written words, rituals, visual arts or any other form of culture. This means a theologian […]

On the alienation of/by Thomas Aquinas

– Tom Uytterhoeven – Today we discussed two fragments of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa in the doctoral seminar (on theological anthropology and ethics; main theme: ‘Love’) I’m attending. We had prof. Andrea Robiglio as guest-lecturer. In this post I first give the question I asked about these texts, followed by the answer prof. Robiglio gave. Here’s […]