“Tantôt il bêchait la terre dans son jardin, tantôt il lisait et écrivait. Il n’avait qu’un mot pour ces deux sortes de travail; il appelait ça jardiner. L’esprit est un jardin, disait-il.” 

“Sometimes he dug in his garden; again, he read or wrote. He had but one word for both these kinds of toil; he called them gardening. “The mind is a garden,” said he.”

– Victor Hugo, Les Misérables (Tome 1, Ch. V) –

In 1993, I started teaching in elementary school.

my first class (I’m the tall guy on the left)

Since then, I never stopped thinking about what it means to teach, to become a teacher, to educate young people. My journey of learning has resulted in a passion for both theology and evolution. I am convinced that a dialogue between these two fields can illuminate meaning in the big history of the human species, shedding light on the particular contexts in which we all live.

This blog is about that dialogue. It offers short musings about the meaning of evolution, culture, education, etc. In sum, it offers my gardening of the idea of ‘big history’.

Although I am not a native English speaker, I write in English, simply because some of my friends and colleagues are not native Dutch speakers. So no snobbism here, but I do apologize for any grammatical mistakes!

You can also find me on TwitterLinkedIn, at KU Leuven, or (scroll down the webpage) at my office (Katholiek Onderwijs Vlaanderen)

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  1. Tom,
    You might be interested in a wee book by Dr Jerry Wayne Bernard called “The Ancient of Days – Manna Machine”

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