Lecture Six: Does Belief Matter? Belief, Hope, and Responsibility

This year’s Gifford Lectures by prof. Agustin Fuentes offer an exciting new perspective on human evolution, centered on human niche construction. These lectures inspired me to revisit my doctoral research on a practical cooperation between theology and evolutionary studies of religion, and reinforced my conviction that looking at (religious) education from a niche construction perspective […]

Wim Drees on Science-Inspired Naturalistic Theism

I’ve just finished reading an article by Wim Drees, published (free acces) in Theology and Science, and was really inspired by it. That has of course to do with my own unfinished search for a theological position, in which I hesitate to identify my stance completely with religious naturalism. Drees explains in his article how […]

The Importance of Modesty (New Year’s Resolutions)

In my most recent post, I argued how important it is to teach narrative skills, in particular in religious education. Jerome Bruner refers to narrative skills as the ability to understand and apply the methods of ‘narrative fields of knowledge’. He points to literature, poetry, historiography, etc., as examples of such fields, but I think it is obvious […]