Big History as a Religious Ritual

Today, I stumbled upon a fascinating example of science turning into religion, or, to be more precise, of people using science to create religious rituals. It all began when I was asked to offer a short meditation at the beginning of next meeting at work. My current employer is the Catholic education network in Flanders, […]

Debate on Niche Construction

I recently discovered an older (2014) article in Nature debating the value of the concept ‘niche construction’. The article nicely offers room for advocates and opponents of this concept. Niche construction is, briefly said, the notion that the relation between organisms and their environment is a feedback relation: organisms alter their environment through their actions, with […]

Cultural Niche and Education

One of the things that interested me in the study of culture by use of evolutionary models, was the concept of “niche construction”. I still think this concept offers possibilities to imagine how education should be done. After having read both Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett on meme theory, I wasn’t convinced that memes could fully explain […]

Handy: checklist of common misconceptions about evolution in both popular media and school textbooks

Originally posted on From experience to meaning…:
Via @dylanwilliam I found this useful checklist of common misconceptions about evolution in both popular media and school textbooks. You can read and download the paper here. This is the kind of paper that should be written and shared more often giving teachers a fast update from science…

Cooperation Against Racism

– Tom Uytterhoeven – Although I am not a scientist, I think this is a great experiment. It shows us what mechanisms lie beneath ugly features of human social living, like racism and gender discrimination. Moreover, it shows us how to decrease the prevalence of these features, at least in the case of racism. Let […]

Interview With Judith Rich Harris (The Nurture Assumption)

– Tom Uytterhoeven – I noticed this interview with Judith Rich Harris, who wrote The Nurture Assumption. Without endorsing her book as the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (here's a balanced review), I must admit I liked the book when I read it a few years ago (in the Dutch edition). More than […]

Children ‘too embarrassed to read in front of friends’ – Telegraph

See on – Cultural evolution The number of children picking up books in their spare time has dropped dramatically amid claims youngsters increasingly see reading as “embarrassing”, according to research. Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: Earlier I posted an article on the effects of literature. If you read that, before turning to this research about declining […]