Cultural Niche and Education

One of the things that interested me in the study of culture by use of evolutionary models, was the concept of “niche construction”. I still think this concept offers possibilities to imagine how education should be done. After having read both Richard Dawkins and Daniel Dennett on meme theory, I wasn’t convinced that memes could fully explain […]

Six Books That Shaped My Research

  Tom Uytterhoeven One of the benefits of working at my faculty is that my office is located in – yes, as in physically part of – one of the largest theological libraries in the world. Reading has become a true adventure, leading to ever more new findings (sometimes it is not so much the […]

Toward Resilient Architectures 4: The Geometry of Resilience – Metropolis Magazine

See on – Cultural evolution Metropolis Magazine Toward Resilient Architectures 4: The Geometry of Resilience Metropolis Magazine Evidence suggests that the ability to perceive this kind of symmetry (along with other related kinds) is a very important aspect of our… Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight:  I have to re-read this later on, but think it’s interesting […]