Polar Lights and Personal Faith

The turn of the year was a bit of a rough ride. My grandmother died, my last living grandparent, and although I did not have a deep personal relation with her, it felt as if a phase in my life had ended. Unexpectedly, her death has led me into one of the most profound crises of faith […]

Why I Use Evernote – or: Why I Started to Enjoy Writing

– Tom Uytterhoeven – One of the topics that can start a vivid discussion between PhD-students, regardless their actual research topic, is the latest productivity app (another is where the best pizza is served). So I spent a lot of evenings testing out apps like: Omnifocus – good, but expensive if you want it on all your […]

Religion According to New Atheism: Natural Fundamentalism? or: First Article Published!

– Tom Uytterhoeven – This blog has been very silent lately, but real life was buzzing with activity… Just one example: my first article has been published! If you’re interested in New Atheism, you should take a look at the summary, which is in English. The article itself is in Dutch. Gepubliceerd met Blogsy