Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe God Played Role In Human Evolution – CBS DC

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A new poll finds that a majority of Americans believe that God played a part in the evolution of humans. (POLL: 62% Of Americans Believe God Played Role In Evolution…

Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight:

Alhough the poll seems rather limited – 1,000 people were questioned – the results are worrying in two ways: (a) the high number of people who believe God created humans only 10,000 years ago, and (b) the suggestion that teaching ID in schools has – as feared – a positive effect on (a). This makes the development of a more balanced view on creation, supported by a constructive interaction between science and theology, all the more pressing and all the more difficult at the same time. If these numbers really are suggestive for larger trends, it seems we are witnessing a growing bipolarity between the extremes of (new) atheism and (literal) creationism, both being rather fundamentalist versions of their kind…

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