Ideas Having Sex

Originally posted on use of knowledge:
People take the current level technological innovation as a given. It’s not. We are as prosperous and rich as we are today because of specific habits, customs and institutions that have evolved over generations. People often  imagine that humanity is on a  linear progression of innovation. That no matter what…

How to Ride the Coattails of an Existing Meme – Multichannel Merchant

See on – Cultural evolution Multichannel Merchant How to Ride the Coattails of an Existing Meme Multichannel Merchant Many people have heard of memes, or seen the power that they have on the Internet. Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: ‘Memes’ is actually a concept from cultural evolution, used by Richard Dawkins (who came up with the […]

An alternative imaginarium of Sicily

See on – Cultural evolution Imago Tour Sicily is a photographic project that seeks to use images to portray the unseen face of Sicily, which recoils from the stereotyped image on postcards and of tourism. We interviewed the project’s founder, Graziella Russo. Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: What I like about this project is that it […]