The Importance of Modesty (New Year’s Resolutions)

In my most recent post, I argued how important it is to teach narrative skills, in particular in religious education. Jerome Bruner refers to narrative skills as the ability to understand and apply the methods of ‘narrative fields of knowledge’. He points to literature, poetry, historiography, etc., as examples of such fields, but I think it is obvious […]

Death and Religious Diversity

My current job is really fascinating. I work for the “education authority” Catholic Education Flanders, offering support to Catholic schools on the theme of Catholic dialogue schools. This results in an interesting mix of theology, educational theory, and practical concerns. One example of that mix is a letter that was forwarded to me by my […]


What do you go see at the Louvre museum in Paris? Most people would probably put the Mona Lisa, the Nike of Samotrache, and the Venus of Milo on their todo list. At least, that’s what we – my wife and our two kids – noticed when we visited the Louvre ourselves in August 2016.  […]