Deep History of Symbolic Thinking

Deep history, or the evolutionary history of the human species, is an interesting context for theology. Recent research offers insight in the way early humans (50 000 – 30 000 years ago) created a symbolic world in the region north of Australia. Two things strike me as important: It’s just a side note in the […]

Knowing the Past to Co-Create the Future.

Last week, I received an e-mail with the delightful news that my abstract for the next IRAS-conference , titled: “How Can We Know? Co-creating Knowledge in Perilous Times”, has been accepted. Moreover, the organizing committee awarded me with a Fellowship to enable me to join them. Obviously, I’m thrilled about this: a perfect way to end my […]

Evolutionary Parables: Can Deep History Be An Open Story?

Looking for some more resources on ‘deep history‘ and ‘big history‘, two notions which I think are important in the interaction between theology and evolutionary studies of religion, I stumbled upon a curious website. At “Great Story parables” you can find dramatic scripts and stories for fun, poignant, and virtues-rich ways of teaching the science-based Epic of Evolution (Big History) Apparently, […]