Group Selection and Religion: Some Theological Remarks

One of the key lectures today, on the Schillebeeckx Centenary Conference, was delivered by Siobhán Garrigan. Her hermeneutics of the notion ‘home’ struck me as relevant for a theological reflection on evolutionary studies of religion that assume group selection to be an important factor. In short, group selection theories argue that religion supports social cohesion […]

Ideas Having Sex

Originally posted on use of knowledge:
People take the current level technological innovation as a given. It’s not. We are as prosperous and rich as we are today because of specific habits, customs and institutions that have evolved over generations. People often  imagine that humanity is on a  linear progression of innovation. That no matter what…

Religions on the Rise?

A recent contribution to the ESSSAT discussion forum on Linkedin offers some interesting numbers on religion.  Brian Grim, author of The Price of Freedom Denied (amongst other publications), posted a link to his summary of the Yearbook of International Religious Demography. To offer just one figure out of his list: Religionists account for 88.4% of the world’s population in 2013, up […]

Evolution and Inequality – Huffington Post

See on – Cultural evolution Evolution and Inequality Huffington Post What we’re observing is an evolved nature that’s poorly adapted to the modern world, because technology, urbanization, and even agriculture are relatively modern developments, and genetic evolution can’t… Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: This is an interesting piece for two reasons. (1) It gives a good […]

Comments on: “Scientists Last Supper”

– Tom Uytterhoeven – This photo has been around for a few years (at least from 2010), but I only discovered it recently. Three remarks: (1) Obviously, this comes from a conflict perspective on the relation between science and religion/theology (see e.g.:, which is unfortunate. Is this why the artist left out someone as […]

Prayers of the Dead – the Power of Culture

See on – Cultural evolution Culture Desk – Notes on arts and entertainment from the staff of The New Yorker. « Stephen Malkmus Tells It Slant · Main · Justin Bieber’s New Image ». January 24, 2014 … Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight: This is a beautiful, touching story, not only because of the biographical details, but […]