Time to Retire The Simplicity of Nature vs. Nurture

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Time to Retire The Simplicity of Nature vs. Nurture
Wall Street Journal
The question just doesn’t make sense. New theories of human evolution and culture have also undermined these distinctions.

Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight:

"Culture is a biological phenomenon" (Pascal Boyer) – To many, this statement will sound rather reductionist. I don’t think that’s necessary true, or rather, that this is necessary negative. To say that something is biological (or physical, or chemical) does not imply it is less valuable.


I have one caveat, though. Accepting the biological nature of culture does not, in my view, amount to a view on culture as a blind, unconscious system as in some models of cultural evolution (memetics). In many ways, the emergence of culture has opened up new possibilities in the ongoing history of life.

Making choices on how we nurture our children, which vision of life we teach to a next generation in the wonderful adventure of humanity, is one of those possibilities.

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