Our Latest Scientific Collaborator was a Medieval Bishop

The myth that science and religion always have been and always will be in conflict with each other, is still believed in, although historical research has shown that the conflict thesis is far too simplistic. This blogpost offers a very interesting example of the complex relation between science and religion.

Ordered Universe

Our Latest Scientific Collaborator was a Medieval Bishop.

Read Tom’s full version of the Ordered Universe Conversation article written to in tandem with our presentation at the Cheltenham Science Festival. The transmission of ideas between cultures within the ancient and medieval periods, as well as within the modern, are key aspects to the whole project. They are also very sensitive and difficult phenomena to identify, let alone measure and assess. A combination of very broad brush-strokes and very detailed work is necessary. So, for example, the notion that Islamic science stopped in the twelfth century should be completely overturned, as should the general notion of western medieval scientific thinking as in thrall to the dictates of religious dogma. We do this both in the round and in detail!

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