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Culture a click away Berkshire Eagle The Norman Rockwell Museum is just one of several cultural venues in the Berkshires beginning to use such technology to give visitors more access and a broader context surrounding the work, physical grounds and…

Tom Uytterhoeven‘s insight:

There is some debate about whether museums should go interactive or not. And sometimes the use of technology does not give real extra value. But in general, I think the use of technology can give art back what it lost in museums: a dynamic relation with the observer. After all, Rubens’ paintings or Michelangelo’s sculptures were not meant to hang or stand against a white wall. They (at least some of them) were e.g. part of the interior of a church, part of a sacramental, ritual space. As such, they formed the integral part of a living community. Am I going too far when I see a parallel between those communities and virtual communities, on Facebook, or Pinterest or through platforms like Artstack (

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