Short Note on Writing

– Tom Uytterhoeven –

Anthony Kenny says (Aquinas on Mind)

“The works of St Thomas were the first major corpus to be turned into machine-readable form for the purpose of constructing a computerized index and concordance. So we are in a position to say that in the less than fifty years of his life he produced 8,686,577 words. That is the total if one excludes all works where there is any possible doubt about authenticity. If the dubious works are included, the total reaches some eleven million.”

Assuming that he started writing in 1252, the year he started teaching in Paris, and that he wrote his last work in 1273, when he had a personal revelation, this means he wrote for 21 years. Ignoring leap years, holidays and off days, this means he had (21 x 356 =) 7665 writing days. So Thomas wrote – if I’m not wrong in my calculus – 1133,3 words per day. How about that!

I would be immensely satisfied if I could write just 100 sensible words a day…

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